The 6 Best Data Science Masters Degree Programs In the US

There is a skills shortage in Big Data and data science. This is being driven by the expanding demand for individuals qualified for creating insights and making exact forecasts, utilizing the consistently expanding measure of information we are currently gathering, storing and analyzing.

This obviously makes it a hot vocation choice right now. Organizations in all areas are searching for recruits with these skill sets.

Groundbreaking employers are ending up more motivated to “training up” existing staff.

So those as of now in a career but searching for a sideways-advance onto a possibly all the more intriguing or rewarding path should seriously think about data science and data analytics an extremely enticing choice.

Regardless of the rise of the “citizen data scientist” – the individuals who can prove themselves fit for utilizing data and statistics to drive change inside organizations, without primarily being data scientists or analysts – academia still provides the most practical passage into the field.

Who could profit by a data science masters degree program?

A masters degree program could be an extraordinary move if you as of now have some experience in any calling, industry or field of research, and are interested in how data analytics and advanced technology will change the industry in coming years.

You may likewise be a new graduate with a first degree in some part of IT, engineering or technology yet with no work experience.

In this circumstance, the further study concentrated on the use of data analytics and information is probably going to make you a stand-out candidate.

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A few courses will likewise offer the chance for internships and industry placements which are incredible opportunities to develop experience and meet people.

Opportunities for studying masters degree programs are not restricted to those with the time and funds for full-time instruction – increasingly, executive courses are putting forth the opportunity to fit study around ongoing vocations with adaptable part-time and online alternatives.

What are the best data science masters degree programs?

Here is a list of some of the best, world-class data science masters degree programs which have built up a popularity for excellence in educating and for producing high-caliber graduates.

1. Master of Computational Data Science – Carnegie Mellon University

CMU’s science masters degree program is industry centered and tech giants, for example, Google and Amazon go to the campus to pick up students for placements and internships.

So as you would expect, competition for admission is tough, with an admission rate of 10%.

A solid foundation in computer science, regardless of whether through earlier training or work experience, is required.

Areas of study include advanced technology-driven applications of statistics and data science, for example, machine learning and data mining.

In the event that you can make the cut then your prospects are extraordinary – average beginning salaries for graduates are over $100,000 and most graduates get at least two employment offers.

2. Master of Information and Data Science, University of California, Berkeley

Many schools are presently addressing the necessities of students and employers by offering distance learning on the web.

UC Berkeley’s masters degree programs offer a full web-based course, with the only required time on Berkeley campus being the 3-4 day immersion.

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Students for the most part complete the masters program in 20 months by studying 2 courses for each semester, however, this can be fastened to a year by taking three courses for each semester.

Courses incorporate statistics for data science, applied machine learning and data visualization.

Admission seekers are required to have a working experience of the Python programming language before starting the course.

3. Master of Business Analytics, MIT Sloan

The only masters program on this master degree programs list charged as business analytics as opposed to data science, MIT’s graduate analytics option is however centered around applying data science tools to business issues.

Understudies get a grounding in the R statistical programming language and in addition Big Data analytics tools and strategies.

Deployed only as a full-time program, this master degree programs is customized for profession changers – especially in engineering, IT and scientific fields – and additionally those recently graduated with degrees in mathematics, computer science and statistics.

4. Master of Science and Analytics, Northwestern University

NWU offers a choice of offline or online master degree programs for those searching for an industry-focused data science masters degree program.

And also studying for 15 months full-time, on-campus, there’s the alternative of the Online Master of Science in Predictive Analytics.

Whichever alternative you pick, you will study data mining, predictive analytics, and advanced statistics.

Full-time understudies get the advantage of a three-month summer internship and well an 8-month industry practicum.

Previous students have gone ahead to take up offers from multi-national organizations including Apple, IBM, NASA, Nike, and Teradata.

6. Master of Science in Data Science, New York University

NYU was the first college on the planet to offer a data science masters degree and its program still has a popularity for being truly outstanding.

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Deployed full-time over 24 months or part-time in up to 5 years, a core concept is that understudies work closely with those in different fields to apply data science to find solutions to practical, real-life issues.

And in addition the clear data science tracks, students can choose to take after other formalized tracks and concentrate their study on fields, for example, Big Data science, natural language processing, data and maths, and data and physics, setting themselves up for whichever industries they are in the end focusing for work.

6. Master of Science in Statistics: Data Science at Stanford University

During their time on this full-time master degree program, students will develop a wide understanding of, and experience working with, cornerstones of data science including statistical modeling, programming and data mining.

They at that point go ahead to have some expertise in more in-depth fields, for example, data in medicine, machine learning, business intelligence, and distribution data management.

Being situated in Silicon Valley, understudies are in a perfect world to seek after work experience and internships with the numerous tech giants which share their sunny angle of California.

The 6 Best Data Science Masters Degree Programs In the US


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